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    We are Freela.

    The DeFi powered, commission-free, P2P self-governing DAO that matches skilled freelancers to job postings worldwide.

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Freela is a first of its kind Defi powered and self governing DAO designed to act as a decentralised broad platform for freelancing transactions. It provides a platform for both B2B (Business to Business) and P2P (Peer to Peer) commission free transactions with its intuitive user interface matching skilled freelancers for the job postings worldwide. It brings in a unique innovative model with professional mediation and thus ensuring a win win transaction between the employer and employee, ensuring best quality work for the employer and best remuneration for the employee.

Long-term vision and trajectory

Young and Creative

Existing platforms hitherto attempted their best to decentralise and ended up only in the small niche part of the market. And those who catered to larger markets got forced to be centralised. Freela brings in a new dawn by bridging this gap using Blockchain technology, DeFi liquidity pools and DAO governance initiating a never before Broad-decentralised platform.

Peer to Peer (P2P)

B2B – Business to Business interaction has involved various professionals at various levels to ensure a successful contract cycle from jotting down an MOU to the payment transaction. This same professional environment doesn’t fit in a discrete P2P – Peer to Peer game, giving way to unpalatable and discouraging experiences for the freelancers out there. Freela – Truly free freelancing developed reliable governance with zero human interference using current state of art technologies. This can provide a greater sense of security to every stakeholder, both B2B and P2P in nature, all through the transaction till they satisfy their requirements.

Commission Free

Freela focuses on the “right person on the right job for the right pay”. Once an employee/employer experiences this unique model where an employer pays all to the employee with absolutely no commission/transaction fee in between, they will be hooked to this platform for life. Freela transactions are made free by being deployed on enterprise-focused Polygon(Matic) as a choice of Blockchain. This marks a newer beginning of the truly free freelancing era.

How Freela Works?

The Team


Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology (VVIT), a premiere educational institution of Andhra Pradesh, India as the Technology Business Incubator for Freela provides it's enormous resources and services to Freela including but not limited to its infrastructure, working space and offices, technical expertise, Research doctorates, management mentors, assistance in compiling an effective business plan, shared administrative services, technical support, business networking, and advice on intellectual property, sources of financing, markets, and human resource management procedures.


Mahadev Vasireddy

Mr. Mahadev Vasireddy pursued Computer Science from Penn State University and comes with an entrepreneurial background and training. He is the Vice Chairman of elite educational institutions, Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology (VVIT) and VIVA The School. In the last couple of years, he also executed responsibilities as Global Ambassador of both VVIT and VIVA, playing a crucial role in establishing partnerships with Government and various MNCs including Google, Siemens and Coursera.
Mr. Mahadev's innovative thinking and knowledge about industry 4.0 led to the idea and inception of Freela, a Defi-powered, commission-free, P2P and self-governing DAO. He envisions Freela to be a game changing Blockchain unicorn and the future of freelancing facilitating a win-win platform for both employers & employees ensuring “right person on right job for the right pay at no extra cost”.

Mahadev Vasireddy

Founder & CEO
Badari Prasad Suryadevara

Mr Suryadevara Badari Prasad, a triple postgraduate by qualification started his career in a central government organisation mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd and due to the nature of work, was at home all over India. Later finding the job not satisfying his workaholic appetite, left the career at MECL, and started his tryst with social computers as financial coordinator overseeing execution of computer training contracts in over 250 schools serving over one lakh students spread all over the then united state of Andhra Pradesh. In 2007, he took up the responsibility as Secretary of Social Educational Trust and looked after all the financial and statutory affairs of the enormously successful educational institutes Vasireddy Venkatadri Institute of Technology and Viva the school set up under the trust.

Badari Prasad Suryadevara

Chief Financial Officer
Lakshmi Tripirneni

Dr. Lakshmi Tripirneni with a Phd in Computer Science is a renowned influencer in areas of Information Technology, Education, Skill Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Sectors. She was awarded with CSI – Nihilent e-Governance award, Woman of the Year 2006 by India Today for her IT contribution to Rural India. With over 28 years of experience, Dr. Lakshmi is a pioneer in Digital Transformation at Scale. She played a vital role in launching First Internet Village in India in 2004. Later, Dr. Lakshmi was instrumental in designing & delivering deduplication solutions for Aadhaar - the National id of India (World’s Largest Biometric Exercise) there by touching the lives of 1.3 billion Indians. She worked with International organizations like United Nations World Food Program, VFS, Reliance to deliver high end Security & e-Governance solutions. Dr. Lakshmi worked as Chief Consultant to Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation, bringing in many collaborations with Industry, International Organizations / Universities to the State of Andhra Pradesh from 2014 to 2019.Dr. Lakshmi in recent years as the Managing Director of L4G, is closely working with Google, Amazon, Wolfram, Quanser, Mathworks, Stanford University, MIT, IUCEE, Northeastern University, Purdue University, Coursera and Udacity to reach out to the student community in the States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Lakshmi Tripirneni

Chief Operating Officer
Siva Prasad Pinnamaneni

Siva Prasad Pinnamaneni holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from JNTUK and been in the Tech World for 15 years. Excited by the Blockchain Technology, he published two research papers and currently pursuing a Ph.D on it. He is leaning towards applying Deep Learning Algorithms in the area of Blockchain. He joined Freela in 2020 as chief technical officer to help turn the company's vision into a reality.

Siva Prasad Pinnamaneni

Chief Technical Officer


The Timeline

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